About Leachan

About Leachan|Taiwan Rubber Professional Leading Brand - LEACHAN RUBBER GOODS Co., Ltd.

If you have Rubber and Silicone rubber applications, please refer to Taiwan's most professional rubber brand - LEACHAN RUBBER GOODS Co., Ltd. to provide you with a variety of rubber-related products, welcome to consult us.

Services:O-ring Cord, Rubber Tube, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Floor Mat, Rubber extrusion, Rubber spong, Rubber and Metal Bonding ,Rubber Bumper, O-rings, Packings, Gaskets, Vacuum suction cups, Sports, Medicals and Consumer products, Automotives, Extrusion coating, Customized products


LEACHAN RUBBER GOODS CO.LTD was founded in 1973 as a professional manufacturer of rubber products and components, which covers a full range of compression molding, injection molding, and extrusion molding. The products can be applied to industries like Automotive, Shipping, Medical, Agriculture, Construction and Sports, etc. 

Leachan’s 40 years of experience elevated our confidence and expertise to design and manufacture products that meet your application needs.